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Increasingly our clients appreciate the merits of engaging Commercial Support Services from the outset of their project, rather than waiting until a problem, argument or claim issue has developed.

From our experience we know that many claims and disputes can be avoided altogether and most can be reduced significantly, if addressed timeously and in the right manner.

Service Function and Objectives

  • Assess liabilities and entitlements
  • Devise a commercial strategy
  • Implement agreed strategy to optimise protection and recovery
  • Defend and minimise exposure to claims and penalties
  • Minimise cost and time in settling claims
  • Avoid formal dispute proceedings where possible and achieve economic settlement, whilst preserving business relationships and reputation
  • Minimise distraction effect of the claims process on the project team, to promote good progress of the works

These principles and objectives apply, irrespective of which party to the contract you are

  • Project Owner
  • Contractor
  • Sub-contractor
  • Vendor

Commercial Support Service Elements

There are three elements to these services, which can be engaged individually, or in combination -